Get the best performance of your sales team
There is no need to wait until they bring you good performance, we can teach them for you
Problem you are facing
Almost every company have the same issues in terms of sales
Missed Targets
Your sales team blames the market, leads, clients , government , management anyone but not them
Lack of knowledge

Unfortunately our sales staff doesn't bother to learn about their profession and they expect to be trained by the company
Lack of strategy
Due to low performance , you cannot plan your business development .
No Sales Pipeline
It's not clear how to make the client to buy from you
No reporting
You don't know what if your team doing and are they really trying their best ?
No script
There is no Sales script that can actualy help your team close deals
What i do ?
Online/Offline training
I customize training programs that specifically deal with your product. This will help your sales team immediately implement what they learn.
Call Tracking
We can provide feedback on the call recordings of your sales team, giving you valuable feedback and actionable changes that directly affect your revenue once implemented.
Sales department structuring
A well structured sales team bring higher results
Sales pipeline
Sales strategy development and optimization
We can help on motivation of your sales team. A highly motivated team with a great attitude translates into better conversion rates.
Sales scripts
that empower your team to be more confident and sell more
Marketing analysis and pricing review
Marketing and overall online reputation management for your business

Having conducted over 3,000 sales interviews, helping various companies by building a team of closers. We can help you hire the right talent.
CRM implementation
Developing a special reporting system so you always have a bigger picture, to make insightful decisions

Why Me?

Our sales training program curates valuable information from the TOP sales trainers in the industry; Grant Gardone, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Jordan Belfort, just to name a few. This knowledge is presented to you in an easy-to-follow format so you can start implementing what you learn, quicker.
In all my projects i personally supports the company throw all stages and make sure whatever was agreed is accomplished
i'm ready to gives you access to 10 years of sales experience and know-how from hundreds of sales specialists, all in an easily digestible content format.
Working System
After working with your team , you get a workable system that you can manage by yourself
What you will get ?
Our goal is to add value to our client's businesses through practical and tried and tested education
Grow your income exponentially
People are most productive in work environments where they're happy, satisfied and appreciated. When it comes to sales, more productivity means more income. by training and motivating your team you will get from team higher results
Once you have your team perform well , there is no need to hire extra staff just to achieve targets that can be achieved with less .
Every business needs to sell to succeed, and they need talented people to do it for them. Your team will get access to the knowledge that cost me 30000$
I support throwout all sales process , starting from strategy finishing to closing the deals, and reporting system

On-line or Off-line support
Get answers to all related to sales process questions

Neicovcean Iulia
Founder and Sales Expert
● 5 years experience in real estate management in Dubai , with a turnover of 16M $ per year

● Commercial Director in a Top Real Estate company

● Helped multiples companies to 5X their revenue through optimizing their sales processes, providing sales enablement content & training their sales team

● Outsourced Chief Development and Sales Officer

● Managed and trained over 1000 sales people

● Developed a personal sales technique, which increased conversion from lead to deal up to 20%

● Conducted more than 3000 job interviews per year

● Graduated "Grant Cardone University of Sales"
Our contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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