Learn how to advance in your sales career in Dubai
Master your sales skills, win more clients, and keep them happy, consistently.
This Master Class is for you, if:
You want to get a Job in Dubai
If you are dreaming to relocate in one of the best cities in the world, we can support you in that.
You're unsure about choosing a career path
You're at that point in your life where you need to decide the next steps in your professional life. "Where do I start?" and "what are the in-demand skills in the present market?" are the questions we help you answer
You are struggling to achieve your Sales targets ?
If your manager is unhappy with your performance while your colleagues are getting bonuses, we can nurture you into becoming a high-performing Sales Pro!
You're a fresh graduate looking for a job
Fresh graduates often struggle finding a job in the market due to their lack of experience. Our training equips you with real, applicable and marketable skills that recruiters are looking for.
You find it hard to cope with Dubai's high cost of living
Dubai is one of the most expensive cities to live in and it becomes extremely challenging to support yourself and your family abroad with a smaller basic salary. We help our students master all the necessary sales skills needed to earn bigger commissions so you and your family can live comfortably.
You need help getting noticed by recruiters
It's disheartening to never hear back from recruiters and not getting any response from all the jobs you've been applying to. This course helps you stand out among the crowd and increases your chances of getting hired, fast.
Meet your instructor
This program curates valuable information from the TOP sales trainers in the industry; Grant Gardone, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Jordan Belfort, just to name a few. This knowledge is presented to you in an easy-to-follow format so you can start implementing what you learn, quicker.
Have all your questions about sales and finding the right job, answered during the Master Class.
This Master Class gives you access to 10 years of sales experience and know-how from hundreds of Dubai-based sales specialists, all in an easily digestible content format.
Hr feedback
Want to impress the hiring manager on your next interview? This Master Class teaches you how to make a lasting impression, and get the job you want.
What's in it for you?
From your side i require online time and attention
Sales knowledge — that will help you become one of the most valuable asset to any business you choose to work with
Got questions that are holding you back in your sales career? We're here to help you with the answers
Be a part of a supportive community and develop a strong working relationship with other sales professionals
Move to Dubai
Learn how to find a job, and live in one of the most developed cities in the world!
"If you want to achieve something , start now to invest in yourself "
Neicovcean Iulia
Neicovcean Iulia
Founder and Sales Expert
● 5 years experience in real estate management in Dubai , with a turnover of 16M $ per year

● Commercial Director in a Top Real Estate company

● Helped multiples companies to 5X their revenue through optimizing their sales processes, providing sales enablement content & training their sales team

● Outsourced Chief Development and Sales Officer

● Managed and trained over 1000 sales people

● Developed a personal sales technique, which increased conversion from lead to deal up to 20%

● Conducted more than 3000 job interviews per year

● Graduated "Grant Cardone University of Sales"
Our students love us
Raees Uvaim
I was first contacted by Iulia through LinkedIn with regards to an Online Web Seminar with regards to sales. As I was in the industry I decided to sign up for it and follow the Webinar. I followed it and found it amazingly helpful and I learnt so much within that hour, later Iulia mentioned that she has an Online School which could help me further. I signed up for the VIP Package because I thought that would be the most helpful and it was immensely helpful. Iulia was an amazing instructor, the level of detail and the energy in which the lessons were taught always wanted me to find out what happens next.

The course consisted of 3 sections and each of which had a number of videos which i had to follow with questions / assignments. There were times that I needed more understanding to a lesson so I would message Iulia on Whatsapp with regards to my questions and she would reply immediately. I used to even message her past midnight and still get a reply with my answers. She really did a good job and always made sure I understood my questions.

Since I took the course I was working as a freelance car sales man earning out of commissions from different car dealerships in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The course helped me so much in order for me to structure sales process with my customers. I was able to sell quite a few units using the technique that was taught to me in the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone as Sales is something all of us have to go through on a daily basis. Finishing my review off I wish Iulia and her team best of luck with their future endeavors and also best of luck to all the students who follow this course to be the next SALES MASTER!

Iulia also gave me some good references in order to get jobs in the UAE, she gave me a good reference letter and also helped me forward my Resume to several Companies. I am truly happy with the outcome of this course and looking forward to keeping this good relationship with Iulia and the Sales Master Team.
Pierre Raffoul
Just received my certificate for completing the "Masters in Sales' by Iulia Neicovcean The course is 3 dimensional with dedicated focus on Sales fundamentals, understanding the buyer and the sales process. It is very refreshing for the memory yet challenging and informative. It breakdowns the Sales Process into tangible and scalable road maps. I would definitely recommended for anyone looking to refresh their knowledge in the sales field , gain some new and creative sales tips along the way and for anyone looking to improve their performance and numbers within the sales field
Jeriza Demafiles
Everyone please, participate to this webinar .. i watched previous one and it was very helpful .. and you will definitely get a job if you are following instructions gave by miss Iulia ! Stay connected and don't miss it !
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Master Class Topics :
TOP 7 Secrets of sales
Want a competitive advantage over your competition? You'll unlock 7 powerful secrets that will change the way you do sales for all the better
How to get a fulfilling job
Learn how harnessing valuable sales skills can change your future
5 interview mistakes to avoid
Increase your chances of getting hired and land your dream job by avoiding 5 Top mistakes, learned over years of experience training thousands of sales professionals
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